Lunar New Year Dumplings - Shia's Perfect Pairing

Lunar New Year Dumplings - Shia's Perfect Pairing

Yao Family Wines' Shia Wu has created a delectable dumpling recipe to pair with our Year of the Tiger Napa Valley Red wine in celebration of Lunar New Year! 

We hope you enjoy the recipe! Please share pics with us via our contact form or social media.



  • ½    lb Ground Pork                                            
  • ½    lb rough chopped wild Shrimp                       
  • 4    Fine dice eggs                                          
  • 4    fine dice Shiitake mushrooms                  
  • ½lb Chinese chives(Asian market)                      
  • 1T  Shao Xing wine(Asian market)                      
  • 2T  Soy sauce                                                  
  • 2T  Oyster sauce                                            
  • ½t   Green onion                                                 
  • ½t   Fine dice ginger                                          
  • ½t   Salt                                                               
  • 1t   Sesame oil                                                       
  • 1     Package dumpling wrappers(Any market)       
  • 1T   Vegetable oil           


  • 1T  Soy sauce
  • 1T  Balsamic vinegar
  • 1T  Water
  • 1t   Sesame oil
  • 1    Minced garlic glove
  • 1T  Fine chop cilantro
  • 1T  Chili oil, I Like to add a little Shia’s chili oil. Any chili oil will do.
    Add all to bowl mix well.    

Step 1). In a large bowl ½lb ground pork, 1T Shao Xing Chinese wine, 2T soy sauce, 2t oyster sauce, ½t fine chopped green onion, ½t fine chopped ginger, ½t salt, 1t sesame oil mix well, set aside.

Step 2).  In a bowl ½lb raw, wild, peeled & devained rough chopped Shrimp, 2t Shao Xing Chinese wine mix well set aside.  🍤  

Step 3).  In a pan med hi, 2t olive oil till hot. In a bowl 4 eggs whisk 1 min into pan till firm remove to board fine chopped set aside.

Step 4).  4 Fine chopped Shiitake mushrooms set aside.

Step 5).  In a small bowl ½lb Fine chopped Chinese chives(Asian Market), 1t Sesame oil mix well set aside.

Step 6).  In a large bowl add all ingredients together mix well, don’t over mix. Set aside 10 min. 

Step 7).  1 package dumpling skins (most markets have them). Add 1T stuffing to 1 sheet, wet edges fold over holding in left hand  press edges to seal. Or; fold over hold with left thumb and finger pinch corner then with right fingers crimp the edge around half moon shape to other corner, pressing firmly to secure each crimp. 

Step 8).  In a large pan or wok med heat 2t olive oil till hot, dumplings add water to cover 1/4 of dumplings cover steam until water gone 7 to 10 min. Cook till brown each side, remove to plate. 

Enjoy 😉